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Facility Management

PheonixSec Force

Formerly known as Pheonix Electronics and Facility Services

Guarding Your Peace of Mind

PheonixSec Services has diversified its expertise to include security services, demonstrating a holistic commitment to community welfare. Specializing in providing trained security personnel to an array of institutions ranging from Banks and Government bodies to Semi-Government and Private organizations across Maharashtra, the company has become a vital partner in safeguarding public spaces. Notably, during the pandemic, PheonixSec Services displayed exceptional altruism by offering around 400 security personnel to Pune Police at no charge, showcasing a strong ethos of social responsibility. Additionally, the company extends its support beyond routine operations, actively participating in disaster management and relief efforts during natural calamities. This multifaceted approach underscores PheonixSec Services' dedication to ensuring safety, security, and societal well-being.

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